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We've "Landed"

Melissa Hedding

I really must appologize for not writing sooner and for not having more pictures to share.  There's been a lot going on and in the midst of it all, I can't find the camera nor do I really know exactly where to go to get a replacement.  But on the bright side, we're in a house again, and this time making it into a home rather than dismanteling it to move.  Praise God for the 'landed' and 'settled' feelings which are growing all the time!


And speaking of praising God, we are so thankful for all the big and small ways He has been arranging things for us during this very big transition that's been a long time in coming.  After praying for this move for so long, it's so delightful to watch God's hand at work and see what He has in store for us here.  Some of the neat things are...

1- Nicaraguan friends for my children from the first moment we arrived!  The owners of the hotel we stayed at have been so warm and welcoming.  The hotel is a bit of a family business and the owner's daughter is near our age and had her 1 and 4 year old daughters around to play with our kids.  It was so neat to watch the kids' reactions to eachother.  The language barrier was more of a fun challenge than a frustration for them as they communicated with motions and drawings and sometimes crossed wires but had fun doing it.  Also, the reaction I get from people here to my kids is so warm and welcoming.  They say 'hello' to the kids individually and encourage especially David to use his limited Spanish.  Everyone works very hard to be little Lucy's friend, and even hold her if she'll let them.  Elsie regularly gets help climbing up steps and lots of smiles and she's getting a little braver to say 'Hola' to people.  It's so sweet to have lots of people wanting to enjoy our little blessings :)

2- Our home.  It was pretty hard for my kids who are used to separate rooms to all share a room with the whole family and I was hoping we could get into a house quickly.  When we found a place to rent (after only 2 days!), we were blessed to find our landlords are our neighbors and have been SO helpful as we are learning our way around life here.  Maria Magdelenda, our landlady, in particular has been very kind to arrange for the gardner and house cleaners' that she uses to stop by here as well and to tell me what fair prices are.  And, 

3- they even had a car for sale right in our price range (totally not trying to put the price higher because we were foreigners- ahh!) and it's even automatic!  That's really rare here and such a blessing for me since I don't know how to drive a manual.  

4- It was also truely providential how God provided beds and a kitchen table for us - and even some nice living room furniture too.  Our hotel owners let us use their discount at the bed manufacturer's they use for the hotel.  And even though I was all set for us to have a picnic the first day, when we got to our home, the owners had left us a kitchen table and some nice rockers too.  God really cares for us even in the little details!

It has been so sweet to know we are in our Mighty Lord's hands even in a life situation that can feel overwhelming sometimes!  Some things we're praying for right now and would love your partnership on are:

-A possible co-worker for Lucas down here that he's meeting with on Wednesday

-Spanish learning for Lucas especially and the kids too - perhaps the co-worker situation will help with language for Lucas... 

-Finding our place in a new church and community... opportunities to be a blessing, to wittness, and to build the relationships God would have for us here.  


Thanks so much for praying along with us on this!  And I'll really try to get some more pictures soon!