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Melissa Hedding

"Come to me all you who are weary, and I will give you rest." -Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

This "you who are weary" has been me for more days than I care to count!  And yet this promise is so true and sweet!  In the weakness of my own frailty lately I have found Jesus truely is strong.

Let me explain - my husband had an important business trip.  He needed to build some contacts in the technology world of Drupal to build up a clientele of companies that the people we hope to train and employ here in Nicaragua can work for while learning and getting up to speed.  We both believe in this mission - it's why we're here!  So he went and I stayed... in Nicaragua with three small children while 30-something weeks pregnant for a week and a half....  This proved to be remarkably difficult on me physically and I came down with a whopper of a cold which took 3 weeks to really recover from.

I have found that in my weakest moments, when I really cannot possibly in my own strength go and pick up that 5 year old from school three blocks away while toting our two toddlers; God has always been there -- whether by a kind neighbor watching the girls for me or strength from an unknown source to indeed handle the trek.  When the prospect of showering these small people and dressing them in jammies and ending our day with scripture and some mama-love seems daunting, God has always been there and I find the strength to do what is required and let go of what was my controling desire in the first place and even find sweetness in the midst of the chaos.

Around Town
Around Town

"I have never seen the righteous forsaken" (Ps 37:25) was true for me... not that I have any special righteousness of my own, but only the righteousness of Christ that he so kindly gives me in spite of my sometimes whiny or short-tempered self!  God never abandonded me in my weariness.  Situations ahead of me seemed daunting.  But the moment-by-moment reality always held a peace and strength of Christ's presence that makes me wonder now why I still worry about future 'daunting' situations.  My human eyes just can't see all the resources that will be there in that weary and daunting moment.  I hope that's encouraging to you too if you're like me and sometimes worry about the future or feel weary in the present.  When God calls us to something - even something so mundane as holding down the home fort while my husband accomplished something important - he DOES supply our needs!!