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Melissa Hedding

Interrupted.  Left to finish later.  Ug, sounds messy, doesn't it?  Conjures up images of laundry left in the sink with food drying on it or half folded laundry scattered across a bed.  As a mother and home manager, there is a part of me that wants to get so irritated by those unfinished things.  Maybe that's part of why complaining about parenthood is a bit in fashion right now... I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't like her tasks to get interrupted.

Right now we live in an unfinished house.  I get to the end of the hallway and the grassy courtyard and shiny tile turn to dirt.  But see, every time someone comes to my house, they don't comment on the dirt.  They tell me how breezy my home is in the tropical heat (and it is!).  They tell me what lovely woodwork we have (and we do!).  They call it beautiful and congratulate me on living in such a beautiful home.  So I just can't see getting too irritated at the unfinished part.  I live in a land full of unfinished things; a land where paint is just too expensive to cover the naked concrete walls for a lot of people.  How could I complain?

The Boys

I live in an unfinished home in another way too.  There are four little unfinished projects for which I leave all those housekeeping tasks unfinished.  I stand at the sink washing dishes, so looking forward to the cleanliness that awaits at the end of the task in a way only a true neat freak can understand, and a toddler suddenly needs the potty.  I am delightfully folding away at a messy mountain of laundry and a preschooler suddenly needs a lesson in sharing.  So I am learning to joyfully leave my pet project to attend to the more important interruption.  I tell that inner neat freak that she's just not as important as the developing person who needs some weeding or watering just now.  That inner neat freak doesn't like it too much, but I think she's developing some maturity too.  I'm going to be working on those unfinished people for a while yet, so there's no immediate hope of rest.  But God has made them by far a more fufilling and delightful task than any interrupted household task or career track ever was.