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Turkey and Watermelon and Pumpkin Pie

Melissa Hedding

Preparing for Thanksgiving while living outside the US is a little weird.  I can't invite my in laws or my Mommy but the house will still be full.  I get asked multiple times while walking home from buying a Turkey and aluminum roasting pan what I am going to do with that pan.  Watermelon is on the menu.

Pie & Watermelon

But in a lot of ways, this year is a really good reflection of the first Thanksgiving for me.   We are strangers in a strange land, thanking God and the friends we've made here for making it home.  We've finally made it to our first harvest and are bursting with gratitude.  Honestly, I'm a little amazed at what God has been able to use us for.  

There have been times during the past two years when I have been down and questioning whether we were just silly to pick up life and move down here.  It was hard.  I didn't know how to mother in this different world, and we started out of the gate with three small children and a pregnancy.  I felt like I had a steep learning curve on that!  We remodeled and moved into a new house while expecting a baby.  I just write that and remember how overwhelming it seemed at times.  But God was always there and he keeps our tears in his bottle.  Lucas has grown his business and internship program to the point where he is employing two people and hoping to hire more in January.  He's been able to do training seminars, weekly classes, networking with local talent, and networking with clients in the US to keep workflow steady.  That is so beyond what could have been done in his own strength.  Especially while still being a pretty involved husband and father in our busy home!

God fought on our behalf.  We are so blessed and thankful to stand here and look back and thank God for all he's done for us, in us, and with us.  

Just when I was getting a little scared to think what might come next, God brought a great reminder tonight singing a requested "thanksgiving song" out of the hymn book for my son.  "For peace on Earth and joy in Heaven... Lord of All to Thee we raise, this our hymn of greatful praise!"  He really does "keep in perfect peace all who trust in Him."  What a great foretaste of Heaven!