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Ready Set...

Melissa Hedding

And we'll go November 25th down to Leon, Nicaragua.

Why now?  After a lot of prayer, preparation, and waiting, God seems to be telling us now is the time.  

He's even been so kind as to calm my doubts when I hear a loved one tell me how they'll miss me or a stranger remark that it's an awful big life transition with three little ones.  Small little things to an outsider that are big to my heart.  A couple newly moving to Illinois from the Dominican Republic stopping by our garage sale to furnish their home who knew very little English and commented that my Spanish "had no accent" (not likely true, but highly kind)...  and then coming back into the house to find that Spanish thoughts came so much more readily to my mind after one conversation with native speakers.  Other things like that which you could call a coincidence but I know aren't really.  I'm so glad for those little reassurances in light of our prayers for widsom in all this.  James 1:5-6 says that those prayers are answered but we are to ask in faith and not doubt.  Yet God is so kind to even supply the calming of my fears and help me not to doubt.


So what now?  Well, we're getting rid of a lot of our stuff here in the US... having a garage sale, packing up some of the important stuff on a pallet to have shipped down, and then we'll pack up suitcases.  

There's a refreshing lack of clutter in our house just now.  And I think a certain 4 year old boy in particular is enjoying the extra room for running and playing too.  This is also good for Mommy's maturity in learning peace amid the storms ;)  

We're also relishing the time to say goodbye well to family and friends who we will miss dearly and the space that's been our home base for most of the last 5 years.  We are so thankful for God's provision of this season in Illinois even though it seemed like it'd be more convenient to have moved abroad directly from St. Louis.  Sometimes we as humans can be so "goal-focused" on where we want to go in life and trying to get there quickly, but "Our times are in His hands" (Ps 31:15) and truely "the lines have fallen to us in plesant places" (Ps 16:6) in this seeming delay.

Oh, but please pray with us as we move forward from this 'resting' season and look for:

-God as our source as we seek his peace and strength and wisdom during this transitional time

-God's will in our housing situation (Praise for a furnished short term home being available while we look for a longer term situation!)

-God's will in Lucas' business growth (We're going to help provide economic opportuities through Lucas' internet-based software development company, so who to hire and how to train and when all this should happen)

-God's will in the relationships we establish (neighbors, church, opportunities to offer hospitality and bless in the midst of daily life as God would direct).

Thanks so much for praying along with us in this!