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More than we could ask or even imagine!

Melissa Hedding
After waiting 6 months to sell our house, God brought us not one but two offers ON THE SAME DAY!!
To be honest, in the midst of those months, preparing to move out of the country but waiting and watching more and more 'almost' situations turn into 'no,' I had many moments of doubt as to whether we were really in God's will in this whole thing.  But as we had people pray for us, we continued to hear prophesied that "we aren't going to miss God's will" in this and "He's got this."  But still the house didn't sell.
We prayed and felt a strong sense of the go-ahead to buy those committed one-way tickets to fly down to Nicaragua before the holidays.  Still no firm offer, but we had a hopeful possibility on the horizon.  So we got those tickets but things became delayed in that hopeful possibility of a buyer.  We prayed a lot and came to peace with the idea of leaving the house vacant and listed with a realtor.  
Then came two calls on Tuesday morning, first a very-interested-sounding request to see the house and second an offer from that delayed possibility.  We both felt a little check about the offer.  So in the early evening when the other group came to see the house, the kids and I were praying while Lucas showed the house.  
Then later that evening came a second offer from the folks who had just come through the house... which really answers a lot of the prayers we've prayed about this house.  We prayed for a purpose in those months of waiting.  We prayed the home would go to a family; we prayed it'd be a blessing to them; and we'd prayed for it all to be settled before we headed out of the country.
Well that family who came to look at the house brought their first born little 3 day old baby along.  They'd been living in a room at the husband's parents' home and it wasn't working out all that well with the baby.  The wife's parents wanted to buy them a house but weren't sure they could afford typical financing (we're doing seller financed which makes it a little easier on them at the beginning).  They're Christians who have been praying about this too and are beyond excited to be able to move in over Thanksgiving weekend, just a few days after we fly out!  Also, since there's no bank involved we can get everything signed and all before we go!  The timing couldn't be more perfect for them or for us -- I'm so glad God was working in all that waiting while we couldn't see.  And we really couldn't talk them down from our asking price even after giving them several opportunities to offer a price that works for them, they reiterated that they thought the asking price was fair.  What an abundant blessing!  
What a mighty God we serve!!
He has given us a mighty "Stone of Remembrance" a la Joshua 4 -- a rock we can look at and say "We KNOW God is in this!"  In the Old Testament when God moved, often an alter was built there; so that the people could look back and remember that God was mighty and fighting on their behalf.  Because sometimes, in the tough times, we can get to doubting.  We can't always see that mightiness when it's behind the scenes.  When the going gets rough moving to a third world country and hoping to bless people there and find our place in a different culture and new home, we can KNOW that this is where God wants us to be.  So that's our stone.  On 11/12/13, God worked mightily on our behalf.  He sold our house at His perfect time in His perfect way!