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He Loves Us

Melissa Hedding

As we are surrounded by the growing-more-familiar-but-still-foreign world of Nicaragua, God has taken advantage of our vulnerability to show us His faithful love and care many times.  Little things like the water coming back on right before I really "needed" to give my dirty children bedtime baths.  And more recently a pretty big one in our world:  recovering Lucas' driver's license.

On Christmas Eve, we have a tradition of going out for pizza and saw no reason to break that despite being in a new country.  We piled in our still-quite-new car and drove downtown to the pizza place...  and encountered hoards of stopped traffic.  While we were stopped near the pizza place, Lucas suggested I get out with the walking kiddos and go ahead and order while he finds a place to park, which was going to take a while.  Out we hop and through the busy market square to the restaurant.  My eyes were busy keeping our little ones safe so I didn't notice what happened right after I left the car.  As soon as I was out of helping distance, a police officer came over to tell Lucas that letting us out in the middle of stopped traffic amounted to obstructing the free flow of traffic and give him a ticket.  Well our bad, it *does* make sense that that might be illegal I suppose...  But the bad part wasn't the ticket so much as the taking of Lucas' driver's license along with the words "Something in Spanish about Chinendega" (according to Lucas who is not fluent yet),  Chinendega is a neighboring town.  Mild downer to our holiday outing, but at least the ticket was only for $12.

So ever since Christmas Eve, we've been trying to get this license back.  First, Lucas paid the ticket at the bank, fairly simple.  Then he was to take the receipt to the police station (which for the record is not IN


Chinendega, just near where you get on the highway to go there - gracias a Dios!).  They said, "Come back another day, it's too late for us to help you."  They said, "The mayor declared a holiday for a week so we'll be closed until that's over."  They said, "It must have been sent to Managua, the capital."  Each of these visits entailed time off work and graciously answered prayers for understanding at the police station for my language-learning husband.  So on Friday, he had worked enough extra to afford the time off to drive in to Managua (2 hours away) and hopefully get to the right place and at last get that license back.  We prayed for success!  But we also knew they were likely to say something else that would cost another visit later.

Oh, and God took such wonderful care of us!  When Lucas arrived at the wrong police station (there ARE 6 in Managua), and was told how to get to the right one... he looked somewhat confusedly at the policeman who'd directed him and pulled out a map at which point his new friend waved him over to the passenger seat of our car and drove him to the right place!  Upon arriving and being pointed to the right counter, Lucas was amazed to find there was NO LINE.  This is highly unusual here.  We wait in endless lines for all official business it seems.  He went up to the counter, they gave him his license and when he walked out there was a long line behind him.  Oh, God is good to make SURE we know it's Him taking care of us!  Even the police officer was surprised how quickly he was back!  After a few other errands, home came my sweet husband a good 2 hours before I expected him.  What a blessing!  

I just wanted to share this story to encourage.  I think God really DOES want to give us MORE than we can handle -- SO THAT he can be STRONG when we are weak.  It is soo faith building to have him come through in our specific situation.  So good to know He sees us and He loves us and He is fighting for us!