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Half a decade!

Melissa Hedding

Happy anniversary to us!  It seems unreal that we've been married half a decade, but I can't deny that things have changed a lot since that naieve little girl walked down the aisle with stars in her eyes...  Not every change has been easy, but I think Christ is being formed in me, bit by bit, albeit a slow and tripping progress...  So in honor of this monumentous milestone, here are five sweet things about five years of marriage:

Just Married!

1.  Love means more now than it did

Once upon a time, "love" meant, I just like you a lot.  We're compatible.  I hope we get to do fun, meaningful things together.  I can't wait to talk to you and hang out with you next time.  Now, while it still means those things, it also means, I will make your favorite meal again even if it's not my favorite.  I will smile and serve you by (fill in the blank) without expecting anything in return.   Love means sacrifice, not selfish enjoyment.  And that's so much deeper and richer than honeymoon love!

2.  Good tired

Oh "The rest of a laboring man is sweet" (Ecclesiasties 5:12) !  My husband has called me so much higher in the realm of joyfull fufillment of duty.  He is the exact opposite of lazy and calls me to leave behind procrastination every time he blows right past the "Eh, I'll do that tomorrow" that's lurking in me to keep our house and bills and everything else he can get his hands on in tip top shape.  He inspires me.  And our laundry and kitchen are so much more caught up because of it!  It really is sweet to fall into bed at the end of the day knowing my house is clean and I've done my best.  Most of the time.

3.  New people!

Growing Family

I can't deny that the small people running around our house, filling up our cars and conversations and overflowing with energy are a great joy that comes from our marriage.  We decided to let the Lord plan our family and from our Oh-how-fun-that-was-fast honeymoon baby #1 to our sweet girls who followed, we have been greatly blessed by that decision.  I do believe that part of the blessing that a new child is comes from the fact that they come with difficulties.  Pregnancy, labor, newborn days, discipline, teaching...  it's all sweet and hard.  And it makes more of us.  It makes us look beyond ourselves.  I get to 'offer a cup of cold water in Jesus' name' so very many times daily.  How can I not grow?  And if God wills it, this can even grow up new God-fearing adults for the next generation.  What a priviledge!  What a responsibility!  Thank you Lord!

4.  We're in it together

Helping Papi

Oh, it is sweet to know when I consider an overwhelming weekend of travel or holiday to prepare for... I don't have to do it all myself!  And it's nice to be together while we do it :)  And it's nice to get to see my husband working hard and getting worn out and know him well enough to think of what will encourage, sweeten, and help him in the great-big job God has given him as provider and leader in our family.  I like to think I might be getting better at that part.  Being a 'help meet' and a Proverbs 31ish "his heart safely trusts in her" kind of wife.  It sure is a sweet goal to make my favorite person's life easier.  

5.  God has to be my first love

I have a lot of words sometimes.  Emotional ones.  Ones that swirl around in circles and end up where they began and climb mountains of joyful tears and tread valleys of woe and just want a hug at the end.  That can overwhelm a logical man of not so very very many words sometimes.  It is so much better for us both if I take my emotional self to God first and don't expect my husband to fix me.  That's not his job.  He can't throughly even understand me.  I'm not saying we don't talk.  We talk a ton!  It's just that no matter how much we talk it would never fill the God-shaped hole in me yearning for a deep relationship.  I do need a relationship with my husband, but I need the relationship with my God to be the primary.  He is the only one who can really fill up my cup so it overflows for my husband, my kids, and the world.

So there ya go, some great stuff from our first five years.  I'm excited to see what more is in store!