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Back to Bloomington

Melissa Hedding

So we're moving!  Not to Nicaragua, not yet.  Back to Bloomington.  When?  The plan is to pack up in St. Louis on Aug 16th and drive up to Bloomington and get the truck unpacked on the 17th.  Why?  Well, glad you asked...

1.  Our home up in Bloomington was listed with a realtor and the contract is up (as is our rental lease down in St Louis) but it hasn't sold.  We're going to go up to sell the house "By Owner" which will allow us to lower the price and care for it ourselves.  Hopefully this will help it to sell more quickly, and we'll save realtor fees too.

Picture of our house
House for Sale!

2.  We also feel it's the more responsible path to wait until our home has sold before moving forward to where we believe God is leading us ultimately.  This allows us to avoid going into debt.  "The borrower is slave to the lender"  (Proverbs 22:7)  That doesn't seem like the best foot to start off on so we'll wait until we can move forward cleanly.

3.  There's just something in our hearts that we would like to move out of the country from Bloomington as it's been more of a permanent 'home' for us that St. Louis.  We were in St. Louis for a year and, while it's been a good year and we've made some good connections and been able to be a blessing I hope, the relationships here only run a year deep.  We both grew up in Bloomington and have deeper connections there so it'll be nice to say good-bye throughly from there.

4.  We really do want to buy in Nicaragua rather than rent for an extended period.  This is both because Lucas enjoys taking care of the handyman aspects of homeownership and because it'll help us to get our permanent visas and avoid some burdensome hassles.

So here we go, packing up the moving truck and lightening our load of clutter a little along the way :)  It is sweet how God leads us, step by step, keeping us leaning on Him.  Would you join us in prayer for widsom, open doors, and peace in the transitions?